Aviation Consultancy

Training, company setup for manned and unmanned aviation businesses

What we do

V•tology provides expert consultancy services and training to both existing and new organisations in the aviation (manned and unmanned) industry. We have an extensive network of aviation professionals at our disposal that can bring specialist knowledge to help existing and new organizations develop and grow.

Mission statement

V•tology is dedicated to provide our clients with cutting edge consultancy, be it in the aviation industry or drone business. We always work with professionals with a proven record in the aviation or drone industry, thus delivering the best level of support and we always use approved training means to ensure proper and approved training be it FAA, ICAO or EASA.

Who we are talking to

Our reforestation consultancy usually gets us in contact with local and international governments and organisations who are eager to invest in aviation and all related businesses, alway taking the environment into account Our Agricultural consultancy projects involve local and international governments, Farmer organizations and local farmers but also NGOs in Africa that use our expertise in pest control and disease control.
Our Aviation Consultancy projects involve international Training Centers and well established SFI’s, TRI’s and TRE’s that we bring together to provide affordable (re)training possibilities for aircrews but also Industry professionals and Authorities to establish or reorganise airline Companies.

What we offer

CRM Consultancy

CRM Consultancy

Build trust and facilitate greater employee involvement in decision making.

Drone training

Drone Pilot Training

We are licensed Drone pilots with Instructor ratings.

Drone consultancy

Drone Consultancy

Manage and/or develop different drone projects for a multitude of applications.

Aviation consultancy

Aviation Consultancy

Manage and/or develop Aviation related projects from building an airline to Human Performance improvement through CRM.

What sets us apart


Up to 40 years experience as Airline Pilots and Airline managers


We never compromise on safety


We operate with integrity, honor and a code of ethics